Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Shower

Sunday I attended one of my good friend's wedding showers! It was a beautiful day filled with laughter and love for Melissa and Doug.

I met Melissa when I was a freshman in college.  She lived across the hall from me in the dorm.  Since we were both business majors, we decided to study abroad with the College of Business in Hungary. 

After a crazy summer abroad and so many wonderful memories underneath our belt, we got to know each other really well.  After college, we stayed in touch especially since I moved to Cleveland.  Melissa and Doug bought a house in the fall and when we starting looking for a house in the spring, we looked in the same suburb because we loved their neighborhood.  It turned out the house we fell in love with was four houses down from them!

The shower was beautiful.  It was located at a new martini bar, called Billy's.  We had a great lunch and then spent the rest of the time watching the gift opening between Melissa and her soon to be hubby.
Billy's Martini Bar.
The happy couple opening gifts.
Beautiful cupcakes.
The bridesmaids also put together a "Beauty Bar" which was such a cute gift for the guests to take home with them!

Beauty Bar gifts.
It was a great day celebrating Melissa and Doug's upcoming nuptials!  I can't wait for their wedding day!

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